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Tomorrow is dauntingly busy.

  • Wake up at 7 and take my mom to Costco, Food4Less, this weird dog food place, Smiths
  • Get a haircut
  • Finalize and package all the catering orders
  • Cater 25 bucks of lupia sariwa to the Charleston UMC (it’s a bitch to find parking and the doctor while he’s on shift.) by noon
  • Get the Corbett study group done,
  • Flirt
  • Get to dance practice at The District at 1pm
  • Go to the second part of practice at Aly’s casa
  • Make sure the ChaCha gets cleaned up like hell
  • Do stupid shit with the crew
  • Buy Xmas lights
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I met a jynx

I sat next to and met this freshman today in Orchestra. She’s cursed.

Her peg slipped hella hard, twice. She was such a pussy turning the peg back.

Then… mine slipped out of nowhere afterwards. Zzz.

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I hate t-shirt companies with a fiery passion

Working with t-shirt companies is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever done. They have a shit ton of requirements with shirt design submissions that they leak to you bit by bit.

  • Send the files as PDF, then either EPS or AI, or they can fix that for you for $35/hour
  • Send the AI or EPS files as a vector and not a raster, or they can fix that for you for $35/hour
  • The shirt design may only be 20” by 13” and not touching the edges, or they can fix that for you for $35/hour
  • You can only have a max of 7 color screens per side, or they can fix that for you for $35/hour

For real this would be so much simpler if we were told the specifics all at once, instead of one bit of info at a time to drive us into the wall and have them do it themselves. It’s a good ass thing that the photo-shopper and I are really competent with this shiz.

I can’t wait for the next specific shit they pull, and if they’re going to pull stupid shit like this, I’m going to give them a hell of a hard time with the color screens because our back only has 3 colors, yet they claim 4. Bitches.

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Working on Aly’s and her dad’s dance music mix. HAHAHAHAHA This is gonna be funny, the transitions are working surprisingly well. I miss messing with music, it really is noe of those hidden talents that even I forget about at times.

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WOOT WOOT our shirt design won!!! Two days and 14 hours of effort into this mofo and we got it. I feel bad for the others who have been working for 3 weeks already, but… their shirts… kinda… inspired me to make a shirt design cuz their designs were that ugly.


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Time to start a Key Club revolt~

Just when I thought Key Club was getting better, MOOOOORE BAGGAGE PLEASE!!!
Our advisers told us that they want to get rid of the pelvic thrust from the How Do You Feel cheer… Are you fucking kidding me. THAT’S WHAT MAKES KEY CLUB, KEY CLUB. It’s the signature nuance of the INTERNATIONAL Cheer that embodies Key Club. Everyone was so sad after that announcement. Ken was right on the spot with his yell out. There’s no way this is getting through, I’ll get a petition with 90% of our membership’s signatures or any other extent. Spirit is what separates Key Club from every other club. Ugh. Time to bust my ass once again.

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These shirt designs are sexy as FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!

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Today’s Spam of Inner Thoughts

Geez I feel so up in the air. There’s so many things to get done. My head’s all over the place. I hate stupid secrets I can’t tell anyone. I hate having to carry our Key Club and hearing “You should have been Pres” everyday. I have to make sure that everyone is capable of doing the Debut dances without being too fast on the Waltz, and not getting lost during the ChaCha. I have to practice a performance of Thinking About You with Ria and I suck at performing. I have to make some handcrafted gift for Aly’ present because I detest buying chattels with ittle to no significance and a handwritten letter isn’t presentable enough. I have to create, learn, teach, and do a choreo with Aly that’s over a minute long. I have to rush to make these two Key Club design by tmr. I have to write and prepare two cheers by Wednesday. My girl problems are up in the air but I don’t have the time of day to foster them. I need to make my damn Senior crown. I have to go all out and make an awesome spirit gear set for RTC. I have to come up with 70 more dollars for Fall Rally by Friday. I still don’t have my damn car cuz my dad busted his. I need to organize and buy materials for a spirit tutu making day. I need to make sure my club learns how to spirit battle, enders, and counters. My head is wrapped around BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Stressing and designing our Key Club shirt that was due last Monday. The current designs that are currently up in the air were so ugly and bad that it motivated me to make my own.

I have a stack of all my Key Club shirts on my bed for inspiration.

I have the best pixel’er in Vegas on my side and I recreated my old design I spent 2 weeks getting right. We got this~

And we’re making two different sets of designs.

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LOL My neighbor’s WiFi name

LOL My neighbor’s WiFi name

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